40 Proposals to Bring out Your Romance for a Romantic Vacation

Want to make your love life more romantic? Even the most ardent lover can use romantic inspiration. It’s time to start on a romantic travel! Whether you’re about to go on your honeymoon, a romantic getaway, or spending time alone together at home, adding a romantic touch will help to put both of you in a vacation mood. Try some of these 40 romantic ideas and ignite your next vacation:

1 Get away from it all

2 Don’t just go away on your next vacation; indulge in a romantic package with luscious extras

3 Celebrate an anniversary — any anniversary — with an anniversary trip

4 Expect the best — but get it for less

5 Request the honeymoon suite (even if you’re not married)

6 Order breakfast from room service — and don’t leave the room all day

7 Stock your own surprise in the minibar

8 “Hello, room service? Send up a bottle of your best Champagne, two flutes, and a strawberry delicacy”

9 Schedule a romantic dinner

10 Tell her how beautiful she is or how handsome he looks

11 Turn off the tv in your room; better yet, don’t turn it on at all

12 Hand out a stack of love coupons, redeemable at any time

13 Dress for bed

14 Take a private yoga lesson together

15 Make a big deal — a really big deal — out of a birthday

16 Go window shopping for souvenirs, then circle back and buy something your better half admired

17 Pack a game for grownups

18 plan a surprise weekend escape from the city

19 Ask the concierge to plan the day for you

20 Use the “Do Not Disturb” sign — and bring it home with you

21 Take a bubble bath together

22 Upgrade to the club floor

23 Pick up tickets to take a romantic train ride in a compartment just for two

24 Write a love letter and seal it with a love stamp

25 Give roses when there’s no special occasion to celebrate

26 Take a stroll hand-in-hand along the waterfront

27 Inspired by your hotel room? Redecorate your bed at home with new sheets and pillows

28 Skip the sight-seeing and go to a theme park

29 Plant a kiss in an unexpected place

30 Make it a late night and afterwards count the stars together

31 Take your love on a romantic getaway

32 Go green and save energy: Shut off the lights and set out candles

33 Schedule a couples massage

34 Pack a picnic, and don’t forget the wine

35 Enjoy a barefoot dinner on the beach

36 Go out… just for dessert

37 Find out what long-married couples do to keep it real

38 Fly to Vegas for the weekend

39 Pack a book of classic love poems, read aloud from it before bed, and laugh your heads off

40 Bring chocolate, any time, in any form, anywhere

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