Afternic Guide to Domain Investing, Websites for Sale, Web Design and Cheap Domain Names

Afternic Guide to Domain Investing, Websites for Sale, Web Design and Cheap Domain Names

Afternic Newsletter: Guide to Domain Investing, Websites for Sale, Web Design and Cheap Domain Names AfternicDLS Active
A Guide to Domain Investing
Whether you are an experienced or novice domain investor, it is no news to you that unlike stocks and real estate, the value of domains will only appreciate in the upcoming years as businesses and marketing activities move to more internet-based models.

Below are suggestions you should consider when entering the world of domain investing, regardless of whether you are taking on a new career or just a hobby.

Become informed. Join forums like our and other industry forums such as DNJournal and NamePros. Attend conferences and read, read, read … before you plunge into your first purchase.

Follow your interests and expertise — Research domains about topics you like and have experience with and you will move faster up your learning curve.

Follow internet search trends by using keyword tools like Overture, Keyword Discovery or Wordtracker. On Afternic we also keep close track of our most popular search categories and share them with our members regularly.

Know the law about domain investing. Where to start? Read the 10 US Laws every Domainer needs to know. If you are outside the US, you should of course get intimately familiar with your country’s laws.

Start with a .com investment before you venture into country specific extensions, or .net, .biz, etc. Historically, the .coms have always outperformed the others in search rankings, and it appears that the trend will continue.

Use a domain registrar you trust. We recommend our trusted partner, but we strongly recommend that you do your research before you choose.

learn how domains are valued. You can do that by reading the popular industry publications, such as the DN Journal. For our DLS members we offer an affordable Appraisal service, which not only assesses the fair market value of a domain, but provides a greater understanding of a particular domain’s inherent value.

Sell a few domains to get familiar with the process, and there is no easier way to do this than by listing your names on AfternicDLS.

Begin Searching For Your Domain Investment Now!
Product Feature: Enhanced Search Functionality on BuyDomains
Our AfternicDLS members using Expanded Promotion for their listed names will be pleased to learn we have made significant performance improvements to the BuyDomains search functionality.

Expanded promotion is a listing option providing a larger audience as names appear on BuyDomains and other partner sites in addition to

Users searching for domains will experience the following benefits:
Faster delivery of search results
Higher quality of results
Returns most commonly used words and synonyms
Prioritization of search of results based on quality, regardless of price
More choices due to increased inventory


Developed Sites for Sale on Afternic
Did you know you can find thousands of developed websites for sale on AfternicDLS?

The trend is clear, sales of developed web sites are soaring.

By tapping into specialized interests, websites targeting a qualified audience have significant value to advertisers, and in turn their owners.

It’s the perfect time to revisit and search for developed websites — just look for domain names listed with a   , or go to Advanced Search and select “listings with website only”.

We continue to get listings at a record pace, making your selection of premium domain names even more robust.

Search now to maximize the value of your domain portfolio with the purchase of a developed website.
Hot Auction Picks!
The following names are coming up for auction on
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Live auctions last just five days. Be sure to place a PreOrder on your desired domain during the 35 day “PreOrder” period to ensure the domain goes to auction!

Afternic Guide to Domain Investing, Websites for Sale, Web Design and Cheap Domain Names. Visit Afternic Auctions Today!

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