Ahnimaqing Peak – a branch of Kunlun Mountain China

As the main peak of Ahnimaqing Mountain, a branch of Kunlun Mountain Chain, Ahnimaqing Peak is 6,282m above the sea level. It is composed of 13 peaks and 57 glaciers, among which, Halong Glacier at the northeastern slope is the longest and largest glacier in the Yellow River valley. The rich water from smelted ice and snow gathers to form numbers brilliant lakes.

Ahnimaqing Peak is characterized by not only beautiful natural scenes but also attractive legends. The local Tibetan people think it is the powerful mountain god that governs the mountains, rivers and lands. In every year of goat according to the Tibetan calendar, the pilgrims will, in spite of strong wind, cold weather and many other difficulties, spend seven or eight days walking around the mountain to show their respects to the peak.

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