An Open Letter to Plutocrats of the World

All Plutocrats in the World Who Have a Kind Heart and a High Sense of Responsibility       Please accept my greeting!       I am a girl who cares about the fate of mankind, also the author of The Second Declaration. For the sake of our mankind’s most splendid and magnificent joint undertaking _ _ mankind’s Dacheng (great accomplishment) undertaking, I am writing this letter to you specially. What I am eager to say is:       You are the people who are most capable of making money in the world, and I hope you will also become the people who are most capable of spending money in the world.       You are the richest people in the world, and I hope you will also become people who shoulder the greatest responsibility to mankind’s fate.       American steel king Carnegie once said: “Making money requires a great ability, and so does spending money. Only by being so can the society benefit.” To my great delight, among you, more and more people have begun to take a greater and greater notice to how to spend the money so as to benefit the society better, while mastering the super ability to make money.       It goes without saying that wealth is a great energy. When it is put into good use, it may help people and benefit peopleBut when it is not put into good use, it may harm people and ruin people. Bill Gates declared many times that he will only leave ten million US dollars to each of his children, and use all the rest in charities. Among you, more and more people of vision have realized: “Leaving the omnipotent dollars to the son is nothing else than leaving a curse to him”. On the contrary, using wealth properly, that is, putting it into the most important undertaking to human fate, will be a great service to mankind, being a boundless beneficence.       Mankind’s great accomplishment undertaking, i.e. letting everyone become immortal and letting the whole mankind evolve into gods, is the greatest progressive undertaking of mankind. There is no greater or nobler undertaking than this in the world, and this undertaking requires a great money input. Gates intends to use his wealth to “the study on the vaccines for curing AIDS, scarlatina and so on”, as “wide spread of the vaccine will help us whole world realize the dream to get rid of AIDS”. Mankind’s great accomplishment undertaking will enable all people in the world to live forever and keep youth forever, becoming super humans —- gods, so we can realize the greatest dream: to leap into gods, which is much greater and nobler than the curing of a single disease such as AIDS, scarlatina and so on. This noble undertaking most beneficial to the whole mankind will be more worthy of your donation of enormous wealth. With your huge sums of donation, we shall be able to speed up the progress of mankind’s great accomplishment undertaking greatly and realize the great ideal sooner.       To you, world super-capitalists, such a boundless beneficence is not something “as hard as carrying Mount Tai to subdue the North Sea”, but something as easy as “breaking a tree branch to help an old man” as Mencius said. According to a report by the United Nations published in February 2000, three top plutocrats among you have a wealth that is even more than the total national income of 35 poor countries, and the top 200 plutocrats among you have a wealth that is even more than the total income of 41% of the world population! In your hands, there is nearly one half of the wealth of the world. If you put such a huge wealth into the greatest undertaking for human progress, mankind’s Dacheng undertaking, what a great contribution it will be to mankind! Mankind’s future and mankind’s hope are calling for your “chivalrous mind” and your “great virtues and morality”!

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