An Open Letter to US President George W. Bush

Dear President Bush       Please accept my greeting!       I am an ordinary Chinese Man fond of thinking and caring about the future of mankind and the future of the world. Today, I have just got my newly published book The Second Declaration, and what occurred to my mind first was to send a copy to you. I take you as a respectful elder. Would you like to listen to the thinking of a Chinese girl just like your daughter? Recently, I often heard such a message that you think it is “necessary” to start a war on Iraq, and I could not help worrying about the people of Iraq, about the people of America, also about you. So, I cannot help writing this letter to you.       You have two lovely daughters. However, when you are considering the decision to start a war on Iraq, do you ever think that thousands of Iraqi girls just like your daughters will lose their fathers or their fathers will lose their beloved daughters?         I remember, in your speech at Tsinghua University last year, you stressed repeatedly: “I feel one important point is that we realize we are flesh and blood after all, we are humans after all”. When I heard such words, I could not help feeling a great respect for you. Indeed! So long as we remember we are human beings after all, we shall not start a war, killing our own species! The photo and story of each victim of the 9’11 event has been carried on New York Times, and in the face of the eternal disappearance of these fresh lives, we cannot help shedding tearsBut today, because of your decision, thousands upon thousands of Iraqi common people will lose their lives, thousands upon thousands of Iraqi families will disappear. Are their deaths only dry numerals? They are humans too, fresh and animated human beings!       The book I am sending to you is called “The Second Declaration”. Why? I think, “The First Declaration” was made by Darwin, declaring that mankind evolved from apes; “The Second Declaration” is the viewpoint in my book, as I think mankind that has shaken off barbarism will evolve into gods, which is called “The Second Declaration”. American people’s great respect of life has left a very deep impression on us. In America, there are many great futurists, and they have made many wise judgments on the forthcoming development of mankind. I think, in the last analysis, mankind’s future is held by mankind itself. What is most needed for the future is not money, not resource, even not technology, but a common ideal that can join up the whole mankind! When the people are upright, the world will be uprightWhen the heart is upright, the person will be upright automatically. To set the heart right, we must set the culture right. In the book, I have uttered our orientals’ thinking on the future, and also expressed a Chinese girl’s ardent expectation for you.        Throwing thousands upon thousands ton bombs onto the land of a small country and killing uncountable innocent civilians, is unjust in moral, in any caseEven judging from the American interest, it is very inadvisable. I quite understand your great worry in the face of all pervasive terrorism. Yet, if you only regard the lives of your own country as gold but treat the lives of other countries as grass, only take your own absolute safety as No. 1 but disregard others’ safety, you cannot possibly have real safety, even if you sweep all before one and assume hegemony over the world. It may just trigger the fire of hatred to burn by ten times or hundred times. Today you kill one hundred of our people, tomorrow we may kill one thousand of your people… It will be a vicious cycle without end. Your anti-terrorism purpose cannot be realized this way, and on the contrary, terrorism will grow more and more serious, causing endless trouble for the future. Even if you have won on the surface, you have lost in fact! Only the water of morality and justice can put out the fire of animosity, uproot the source of terrorism and ensure peaceUsing violence to get rid of violence can not get rid of violence at all, but can only lead to an even worse outcome!       In my new book The Second Declaration, I have said mankind is faced with a choice to go up direct to Heaven to do down direct to Hell. Mr. Bush, I am sending this book to you, and hope you will read it over, in a position not as a president, but as a father. Your choice now may have also determined America‘s future to go up direct to Heaven or go down direct to Hell!       Please do think twice before taking action!       Sincerely yours,

       Edward Chen

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