Appeal Case Against Corruption Criminal Written Judgment: Acquittal

Appeal Case Against Corruption by Lu Xinxian
Criminal Written Judgment of Second Instance (Acquittal)

China Trial Court Procedures

China Trial Court Procedures

Nanning Municipal Intermediate People’s Court of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Criminal Written Judgment

(2009) Nan Mun Crim Zhong Zi No. 360

Protestor: Chengbei District People’s Procuratorate of Nanning Municipality

Lu Xinxian, defendant of the original trial, male, born in Bingyang County of Guangxi on Jan.9th, 1947, Han nationality, educated in technical secondary school, captain of patrol brigade, Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau Yongxin Branch (once captain of patrol brigade, Nanning Municipal Public Security Bureau Chengbei Branch from July 1993 to Aug. 1996) before arrest, lives in dormitory of Municipal Engineering Corporation in Huaxi Road of Nanning. He was detained for this case on 8th May1996, arrested on May 30th of the same year, and finally acquitted of crime and set free at the first trial on Oct.19th 1999.

Defense Counsel: Wang Zuofu, professor from Law School, Renmin University of China
Defense Counsel: Xu Huibo, lawyer from Guangxi No.2 Law Office.

Chengbei District People’s Procuratorate of Nanning Municipality, considering the judgment (Ref. 1999 Cheng Crim Chu Zi No. 101) rendered, on 30th Sept. 1999, by Chengbei District People’s Court of Nanning on the case of corruption and defalcation by Lu Xinxian indicted by it contains some definite error, lodges a protest with this court. This court organized a collegiate bench according to law and held a public hearing. Two procurators, Xie Li and Qin Guangxiu, were designated to perform their duties in court. Defendant of the original trial together with his counsel, Xu Huibo, appeared in court as a litigant party, while another counsel, Wang Zuofu, defended him in written form. After review by the collegiate bench and discussion by the adjudication committee, this case has been closed now. (To be continued)

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