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Refund Paypal Transaction Fees for Individual Transactions - Financial Help


Refund Paypal Transaction Fees for Individual Transactions

Dear Paypal:

I compain that I was charged $44.30 in the Transaction ID 636764856EA845644. I was not notified about that before. My friend sent 1000 USD to my paypal account, and I received only 955.70 USD only.

Could you please back the $44.30 to my paypal account. Thank you.



Refunding Payments for Individual Transactions

Seller: Refund Transaction Fees

I'm curious about two different refund transaction fees:

Full Refund Fees

It is my understanding that when I refund a customer their full transaction amount that PayPal refunds the percentage transaction fee to the customer as well.

At the time of the original transaction PayPal charged the seller the percentage transaction fee as well as a flat $.30 fee

When a full refund is give to a buyer does PayPal charge the seller and additional $.30 fee or do they just keep the original $.30 fee?

Partial Refund Fees

It's stated as follows on PayPal's site for partial refund fees:

"When issuing partial refunds, a portion of the fee is returned to you."
How is that "portion" defined?

Is there also an additional $.30 fee charged for a partial refund?

Thanks for the help,

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