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Christmas Holiday Work Party Ideas, Tips and Activities - Culture Channel


Work Christmas Party ideas -HELP

So I've been dragged along by the girls that I work with to our work Christmas party. I'm at a loss on what to wear. I work at a high school so the people that I work with now are a lot different to my previous jobs (fast food, waitress, etc.) where I would dress very casual.

We are going out to dinner and a few drinks after so I do want to look nice. Btw it is well into summer over here. Help a girl out and drop a few pics please!
[caption id="attachment_2410" align="aligncenter" width="330"]<img src="" alt="Christmas Holiday Work Party" width="330" height="219" class="size-full wp-image-2410" /> Successful business group celebrating the success of a glass of champagne on New Year's holidays.[/caption]

Christmas Holiday Work Party Ideas, tips and Activities

Ideas that have been suggested are from ppl @ work:
Zoo (able to have dinner there 2)
Putt Putt
Rock Climbing
Beach volleyball
Horseriding- Centennial Park (horse flu = the problem )
White Water Rafting

What are you comfortable with showing? (Chest... Etc) How about a really cute lace low cut top with maybe even an open back and a pair of black booty shorts!

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