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Man Is God and Creator of the World? - Discovery and Scientific Findings

Man has created everything in the world. Man is the Creator. Man is God.

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But Is Man, God and Creator of the World?

Man is God. Generally speaking, able man is God.

Why? But why we say Man is God? Let's take Liu Bang as an example.

Liu Bang is the founder of the Han Dynasty in China. If he lives now and wants to look for venture capital, he’ll be carefree and light-hearted. Since he has a team of outstanding people, such as Zhang Liang, Xiao He, Han Xin, all of venture capital would flow into his hand.

For the Christian theology, they have different opinions.

I think it is far more accurate and helpful to say Jesus was Divine. As opposed to saying he was God. Clearly he wasnt God if God is omnipotent; omnipresent and omniscient. I cant find anywhere in the NT where it states explicitly Jesus = God. But plenty of places where the divinity of Jesus is mentioned.

Can I explain why I say that Jesus was Divine but not God? Not just playing with words.

Jesus was not everywhere at the same time (omnipresent) not did he know all things (omniscient) nor was he omnipotent (all pwerful)
But God is.

So what we see in Jesus is as much of God as can be contained within the limits of a genuinly human person. Add to that this. What makes God God is Love. Love is His very "essence". (The other "attributes are even attributed to Satan is some places).

In Jesus we see Love incarnate. A very inadequate analogy but imagine trying to pour 1 litre milk into half litre bottle. It wont all go. But what does go is the same quality milk. The Creed speaks of Jesus as being "of the same sibstance as the Father". Same "stuff". Same essence.

So I believe Jesus is Divine. But I do not equate him 1 = 1 with God.

I see no rules anywhere about what God can or cannot do. Can God make something that is so heavy he cannot lift it?

I also believe that God is as you describe above, but I see no proof that he cannot empty his nature into a human being and subject himself to the limitations of humanity.

If God was in Jesus, who was running the rest of the universe? What do you think?
So Christ Is God or man? How on earth can a mere man be God? How can God become a man? Not possible... but all things are possible with God...Jesus the God-man. Fully human (yet sinless)? Fully divine? Or not??

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