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Tour to The Tomb of Emperor Yan China

The Tomb of Emperor Yan China The tomb of Emperor Yan is also called the tomb of the heavenly son. Emperor Yan was a primitive emperor according to the Chinese myth. He taught people knowledge about farming; he tasted all kinds of herbs, thus he invented the Chinese medicine. His tomb locates in a place […]

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Panmen – famous scenery spot in Suzhou China

Panmen of Suzhou China Panmen is a famous scenery spot in Suzhou. There is vast expanse of waters and a lot of bridges here. It is a collective exhibition of the sceneries in the south of the Yangzi River. Buildings are constructed along water surfaces and they look chaste and bright. Panmen is surrounded by […]

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China and Cuba – beautiful Hainan Island of China

China and Cuba The beautiful Hainan Island of China is covered with green all year round. It is the world of green and the native land of seas. It is the paradise of fruit trees and tropical vegetations. There are fertile lands and coco forests in every part of Hainan Island. Villages scattered here and […]

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Ancient buildings – San Marino is the oldest country in Europe

San Marino is the oldest country in Europe Up to the present, it still keeps ancient castles, city walls and buildings as old as several hundred years. These ancient buildings erect high into the sky among surrounding mountains. These buildings have magnificent out appearances and shine brilliantly with colors inside. The climate of San Marino […]

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The Great Wall – Great Project of Ancient China

The Great Wall is a great project of ancient China.  It is one of the most ancient and mightiest projects of the world. Its structure is very complicate and it has city walls, city customs, city terrace and smoke terraces. It starts from Jiayu Custom in the west and ends in Shanhai Custom in the […]

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