Automation-oriented Transformation for Becoming Gods

The god is someone who has the highest self-awareness and greatest freedom, and is most capable of automatic development.

What is the highest prospect of production? Automation! What is the highest prospect of education? Also automation! “teaching is meant to stop repeated teaching”: that is just the true meaning of education. Only such an education is the best education: “No need to whip the horse as it will gallop as fast as he can at his own will”. In Western education research,a fundamental shift has occurred: “A shift from research on teaching to research on learning”. The quality or efficiency of teaching is shown finally in the quality or efficiency of learning. If learning can be automated,that is, if students can teach themselves self-consciously and automatically, not only educational costs can be reduced greatly,but educational benefit can be improved greatly as well. Information technology has provided the best condition for education automation and learning automation.

In the past, the learning resources were simplex,we could only rely on several teachers or several text books,but the open-ended world network can provide diversified,multi-channeled, multi-leveled and multi-formed resources. Any person, so long as he possesses a computer,no matter where he is on the globe, just by connecting to the Internet, can choose easily the course most necessary for him and most interesting to him, can choose any teacher he likes, can begin his learning at any time he likes, and he can also ask all kinds of hard questions to the most excellent or most authoritative expert in the field, or have a dialogue with the expert. The student will not be restricted by any rigidly specified grade or course, and will not be restricted by any time or place. He can choose completely freely what to learn, and choose the way and time for the learning. The teachers will be a combination of the artificial intelligence system with the greatest experts in the world. Nowadays, scientists have already worked out the “virtual talk” system,so, in future, it can simulate grandmasters such as Einstein to offer you great advice. In teaching and explaining, such “grandmaster systems” or “expert systems” will be more vivid, interesting and profound even than the best teacher, and moreover, they are much more patient and selfless.

Information technology has offered the optimum condition for learning automation and teaching automation. After having such a condition, the key will lie in whether you have the quality for self-study and auto-learning. If you lack such a self-study quality,no matter how advanced the techniques are, they can only be put on the shelf. Thus, the key point in future education is not teaching knowledge,but cultivating the consciousness, habit, interest and ability for auto-learning.

By automated education via information technology, any one in the world, whether he is in a noisy city or in a poor mountain village, can do auto-learning, can utilize the educational resources of the whole world at will, and improve his quality in the best way.  Everyone will be able to share the best education equally, and such an education will maximize the scale effect and efficiency of global education as well. We seek both fairness and efficiency. The automatic optimization of education through technology is just the most fair and most efficient highway for people to grow up and become gods.

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