Becoming gods becomes tokens of waggery and absurdity

Now I am going to tell a story and an experiment. The protagonist is the elephant Lin Wang in the zoo. He is tied hard and fast by a small iron chain to a small cement pole. Lin Wang is both tall and strong,weighing several hundred kilograms,but he has been tied tamely all his life, only moving about the pole, one circle after another. Doesn’t he want to see the world beyond this small area? Yes,he wants so very much. Isn’t he unable to break loose from the iron chain? No,he has the strength. Yet,Lin Wang does not have that idea. Lin Wang also thought about breaking loose, but that was when he was very small. In those days,Lin Wang hoped to break loose from the iron chain very much,to have a look at the outer world, as there were more beautiful meadows and a bluer sky. He tried his best to break loose desperately. But he failed. He tried for the second time, third time, tenth time … Nth time to break away from the iron chain, but he failed again and again.

 “No, I totally do not have the ability to break away from the chain”. Uncountable failures made Lin Wang come to such a very definite conclusion. Thus,Lin Wang gave up the idea to break loose from the iron chain. In this way, Lin Wang grew up day by day. So, Lin Wang has never left the small circle of the elephant hall. He has even come to such a belief:His ability is just so low, so he can only enjoy such a small world and spend his life this way.

 As the many failures in his young age have printed the idea of “I cannot”, “Impossible” firmly in his mind, he thinks he can only spend his life this way. The same is true of mankind. The uncountable failures in the ancient times in the pursuit of an eternal life have printed deeply the idea of “We cannot” and “Impossible” in the social consciousness and collective unconsciousness of mankind. Mankind has already come to the conclusion that humans can only live in this way, can only have such a short life.

 Lin Wang thinks he still has that little ability as the past, and his wrong estimation of his own power has ruined his freedom and happiness. Today,in many problems,doesn’t mankind also think its own power is still at the level of the ancients? Totally wrong! Mankind,please open your eyes widely, look at what level your own ability has reached: we have the “clairvoyance (videophone) and the clairaudient (mobile phone),we go up to Heaven (landing on the moon, spacecraft),go down into earth (underground city,ocean-floor palace),the Internet enables the whole mankind to share wisdom without distance, the miraculous robot can walk into the common household,the clone technology has made it possible to produce artificial skin, artificial muscles, artificial bones, artificial internal organs and so on, 96% of the organs of the human body can be changed,the gene technology can design the “perfect” later generations… But do we really know our own power? Have we really been aware of our present power?

 The past many failures have made us believe many things are still totally “impossible” or “impractical” even now. Just as the “spiritual chain” resulting from the iron chain has “locked the elephant forever”, this spiritual chain of “impractical” has bonded us severely, putting us into a great self-restriction. But how many of us have woken up?

 Also, there was such an experiment:Someone put a cabrilla in a fishbowl. In the fishbowl, there were many tiny fish,but a piece of glass was used to separate the cabrilla from the other tiny fish. When the cabrilla was hungry, it tried desperately to catch the tiny fish,but it failed each time, and each time, it only bumped against the glass. Hunger forced the cabrilla to strike the glass again and again, but it failed each time. Later, the glass was taken off, the tiny fish swam by the cabrilla all the time, but the cabrilla never wanted to catch them. Thus, this cabrilla actually died in the fishbowl with rich food!

 We are not the cabrilla. However,if we do not awaken,we will have the same tragic end as the cabrilla.

 At the mention of becoming gods or living forever, many people will think it is absolutely impossible. Becoming “gods” and living forever have already become tokens of waggery and absurdity. Yes,it was totally impossible in the past. Nevertheless,should we still use the old eye to look upon today?

 Today,earthshaking changes have taken place in every respect of our life, that “glass” blocking us for thousands of years is being smashed gradually by the mighty high technology! But mankind has not been aware of the disappearance of that “glass”. A beautiful great world is just at hand, within our reach!

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