Becoming gods to maximize mankind joy

Omniscience and omnipotence means reaching the peak in wisdom and ability.

 For a person, wisdom and ability are the roots of his joy. Sukhomlinskkie said quite well: “One person’s happiness is just the happiness of a society, and after all, it depends on the abilities shown in the person and depends on the outstanding abilities that make his life glitter.” Joy lies in happiness, happiness lies in success,and success lies in wisdom and ability. A success may bring about a joy directly, and omniscience and omnipotence are the guarantee of limitless success. Omniscience and omnipotence can enable a person to follow his inclinations,fulfill whatever he wishes, and get the greatest joy.

 Supreme kindness and supreme beauty means reaching the peak in morality and beauty.

 “Those who love others are always loved by others, and those who respect others are always respected by others”. If you have the “supreme kindness” of the god, loving and respecting others to the greatest extent, you will win the greatest love and respect from others. Gaining unlimited love and respect means gaining unlimited pleasure. Just as Rousseau said: “Only when you love others can you get the love from others;If you want to live a happy life,you must turn yourself into a person loved by others;If you want others to follow you, you must make yourself worthy of others’ respect;Only when you treasure your own dignity can you get the praise from others.” If you take others as your enemies and are jealous of others’ joy,others’ joy will anguish you;When you are kind and friendly to others, and feel happy for others’ happiness, you will share the joy of all people, and become the happiest person in the world.

 Beauty is the source of happiness. Human beauty is shown in various aspects,such as beauty of the shape, beauty of manners, beauty of temperament, beauty of style and so on. Loving beauty is human nature. When a baby sees an ugly person, he will be frightened to cry;People seek beauty in any aspect of their life: eating, dressing, dwelling and so on;Since the ancient times, “It is hard for a hero to pass the test of a belle”. The power of beauty is invincible. Even such a great saint as Confucius was intoxicated in talking about the beautiful looks of Nanzi. In order to contend for Belle Helen, Greece and Troy fought for a decade, causing one hundred thousand deaths! As soon as Helen appeared at the top of the city wall, the oldsters in the senatus were amazed by her beauty, and could not help gasping in admiration: “Really a goddess! It is totally worthwhile fighting for her for ten years!” Why was Helen’s beauty so valuable? To put it bluntly, only because:Beauty can bring joy to people;The supreme beauty can bring the greatest joy and happiness to people.

 Thus it can be seen,both the overall goals of becoming gods, “eternal life” and “daylong ecstasy”,and its kernel objects, “omniscience and omnipotence” and “supreme kindness and supreme beauty”,are meant for joy.

 All developments of the world are for human development,and all human developments are for joy. Only by becoming “gods” can we maximize people’s joy, and lead to the Elysium characterized by happiness as great as Heaven.

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