Being your teams ambassador and inward model

Being your teams ambassador

Just as you are the , you also need to turn outwards to be the ambassador for your team.
The image the wider world has of your team depends on how you, as its ambassador, portray your team. Does the rest of the organisation, and beyond, see your team as effective, keen and respected? Or is your team seen as wasteful, lazy and unimportant?
In the early days of your team’s existence, it’s important to spend time getting accurate messages about it through to other teams and to people in positions of influence. As your team matures, team members will probably take on some of this role.
The standing of your team depends on the degree to which it is accepted as being:
influential with key figures

an influence on key events within and outside the organisation.

Handy (1985)

The advantages of generating a good image of your team are:

you’ll be largely left alone to get on with the work because your team ‘can be trusted’
it will be easier to obtain resources and decisions because your team has made a good impression with those in power.
Now do this
Think about your role as ambassador. Is it adequate or do you need to develop it? If so, what will you do?
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