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Bestseller Writer Wang Xiaoping Story behind the Name

Bestseller Writer Wang Xiaoping Story behind the NameIn a two-storied villa in the western suburbs of Beijing, the reporter saw this talented girl.When I talked of her name, she smiled, saying: “When Professor Mao Zhicheng, a writer as famous as Yu Qiuyu, commented on my book Ability Panic, he said: ‘In all the country of China, there are at least one division (several thousand) of people bearing the name Wang Xiaoping.’ Perhaps, my name is really too common. But behind my name, there is an interesting story. When my father was 20 years old, he was labeled as a ‘rightist’, and this heavy ‘cap’ pressed him for 20 years. Later, it was because of Deng Xiaoping that he was freed from the cap of ‘rightist’, married my mother, and then I was born. Because of gratefulness to Deng Xiaoping, my father said to my mother: Whether our child is a boy or a girl, we must name it ‘Xiaoping’.”It turns out that there is such a moving story behind her name! History has not only existed in the constant change of events, but has also lived in the name of Wang Xiaoping.In a seemingly empty hall, the books filling the west wall were very eye-catching, giving people a feeling of “Real riches and honor come from books”. In the bookcase, there were all kinds of books. But when you pick up any book casually, you will find key points and headnotes made by Wang Xiaoping in it.In a book called Wordless Counsel: Confucianist Strategy of Propagation and Modern Communication, I saw a headnote made by Wang Xiaoping: “As for going to extremes, I think, it does not matter to go to extremes in expression sometimes. Just as Mr. Lu Xun said, if you suggest opening a window to him, he will not necessarily agree, but if you say you will take off the ceiling, he will be frightened and ready to accept the suggestion of opening a window (The main idea is so). So, I think, going to extremes sometimes may have a greater effect of enlightenment or actuating to people.” “I do not feel satisfied at any timeSuch a dissatisfaction may cause me to go forward all the time, and give me a greater vitality than others.”… There are many such headnotes.Although Wang Xiaoping is already very famous, we can still see the girlish innocence and romance in her speech and demeanor.