Bird Island – China national level natural preservation area

The Bird Island is located at the northwestern corner of Qinghai Lake and the entrance of Buha River to the lake. It is a national level natural preservation area. It is composed of five islands including Egg Island, Haixin Hill, Haixipi Island, Sand Island and Three-Stone Island as well as a water area, intertidal zone and marshy land in an area whose diameter is about 5km. There is also an area for the birds to take food and reproduce at the middle and down streams of Buha River. The total area of the island is 5.6ha.

In March~September of each year, about one hundred thousands of migrant birds come to this island in groups from the south of China and Southeast Asia to live and reproduce here, including bar-headed gooses, red shelducks, fish gulls, brown-headed gulls, cormorants, big gooses and etc.

It is commonly seen that migrant birds flying above the lake and concealing the sky, hence showing a magnificent scene of the kingdom of birds.

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