Buddha Reincarnation – animal reincarnation and human reincarnation

There are two kinds of reincarnation, “animal reincarnation” and “human reincarnation”in Buddha Reincarnation.

In “animal reincarnation”, the player turns the incarnation drum clockwise, where a cycle of the drum equals a turn of scripture recitation. The reincarnation drum is like a barrel, filled with paper scriptures painted with color pattern and six-character truth in Tibetan language. The reincarnation drums are of big and small size in different style and different materials, some are packed with cowhide painting, some are covered with copper paper and even some are covered with silver paper. Big reincarnation drums are installed in fixed places to be turned by man power or water power and small ones are carried individually to be turned by hands. In “human reincarnation”, the player walks clockwise around the Lama Hill, Divine Hill, famous mountain or temples and other special religious places, or with stomach resting on the ground while reciting the six-character truth “an ma ni ba mi mou”.

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