Buttered flowers representative of sculpture arts

Buttered flower is one of the “Three Art Miracles” of the temple. It is made of white butter mixed with various mineral paints in the form of oil carved art works.

The buttered flowers of Taer Temple is representative of sculpture arts, which is not only of high art levels and unique art styles, but also of large scale and magnificent appearance with  rich and colorful content. There are paintings of strange flowers and grass, unique birds and beasts, as well as beautiful hills and rivers; There are also delicate pavilions and attics, vivid Buddha figures and various forms of large excellent oil and sculpture works based on historical and mythological themes.

The making of buttered flowers must be conducted in winters of low temperature, thus the buttered flowers of Taer Temple are always exhibited on the lantern festival, January 15 according to the lunar calendar, when people gather up and down the hill and around the temples.

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