Change from youth to anility is a gradual process

The change from youth to anility is a gradual process, anility is not something that befalls suddenly, but approaches us “silently”. I am 21 years this year,enjoying my youth lightheartedly, but never feel it is a great enjoyment, and never think about the fineness of youth. If anyone talks about anility or death,it will sound like telling a remote and old story of other people. I believe many younglings have the same state of mind as me, we never have time to think about such things that seem to be irrelevant to us, and only after twenty or thirty will we feel the “remote” prospect is so near to us!

Mr. Li Yonghao, the top rich man in Chinese Mainland for the 2001 rated by Forbes, said:”If possible, I am ready to give all my wealth to swap age with a youngster.” You see, even the wealth of billions of dollars can not win against the transient and beautiful youth!

I have existed in this world for 20 years now. 20 years passed in the twinkling of an eye, and my memory of the picture at 5 or 8 is still close at hand, so vivid. In this way, another 20 years will also flash over very soon! When I was jumping for joy for China’s success in winning the hosting right of the Olympics, I thought, when the Olympic Games is held in 2008, I would be 28 years old,nearly 30, so, I could not help feeling a chill! It suddenly occurred to me: most of the protagonists in novels are forever young boys and girls at their flowery age. Why is each of Jin Yong’s novel so touching and soul-stirring? Just because all of them are romantic tales about bread-and-butter boys and misses. In our mind, Huang Rong is forever so charming and lovely, Guo Jing is forever so handsome and sturdy, and they are youthful forever. We have never seen what the anile Huang Rong and Guo Jing will look like. In A Dream of Red Mansions, when Baoyu heard “Once the spring is over and youth is gone, flowers fall and people pass away, both going to the world beyond” in “Song for Funeral of Flowers” by Daiyu, he could not help thinking that Lin Daiyu‘s flower-like beauty would vanish to somewhere no one could find, how could he control his heartbreak? Since Daiyu’s pretty face of youth would have to disappear in the end and could no longer be found back, the other pretty girls, such as Baochai, Xiangling, Xiren and so on, would also fall into the same fate! Not only beautiful looks would vanish at last, even the existence of the persons themselves would also change into “a mound of yellow soil”.

The novelist’s wish could keep the protagonist‘s young and pretty face forever, but people in real life have no means to fix their life to youth forever. Whether a hero or a flunky, despot or bully, phoenix or unparalleled genius, all will get old, become ugly and die.
At the beginning of the Princekin, there is such a saying: “Every adult used to be a child.” More than that,every old woman used to be a maiden,every old man used to be a lad. One generation after another, all people are repeating this terrible fate:A lad full of animal spirits and with a heroic bearing will become a stooping, staggering old man full of wrinkles on the face. A maiden looking like a slender flower of jade will become an ugly crone. It only takes several decades!

Girls are unwilling to admit that all the present crones have resulted from the flower-like maidens. Yes,they are evading the fact. When they see their own parents had the youth and beauty as themselves, they are even amazed:Were you ever so youthful too? And, what they will face will be the same fate, “in a fillip of the finger”, they will become the same, too:The face and hands are full of senior plaques, almost all the teeth have dropped, the mouth is shivering and drooling, the skin is so loose that you can pull it up for one foot, the walking is very unsteady… Simon says in her Second Nature: “The mother-in-law is a vivid portrayal of anility, and when she gave birth to her daughter, she was already faced with the doom of anility. Her adiposity and wrinkles are reminding people that adiposity and wrinkles will also befall youthful brides, which foreshows the future of the bride sadly.” The man was full of resentment for his mother-in-law’s mocking, “because he was very clear, his wife’s fate was also everyone’s fate, also his own fate.”

Look, this is the fate of all of us, and this is the fate of whole mankind!

We need determination and willpower, need imagination and creativity to change the fate of all of us, change the fate of the whole mankind, and stride from this shore of anility and death towards the other shore of eternal life!

The mission the people of this generation are shouldering should be:To end this greatest tragedy of mankind of uncountable generations and realize the highest ideal of mankind that has been cherished by us for uncountable generations. When we have such a power but we do not make the corresponding efforts, how foolish,how cowardly, how pitiful, how lamentable and how deplorable it will be!

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