China Beijing Tour Advices: Top Destinations of Ming Tomb

Stone Arch. It is extremely spectacular with exquisite carvings.
石鳥居 石彫刻が精巧で、姿が立派である。
L’Arco commemorativo marmoreo
Le sculture marmoree sono prodotte delicatamente, la modellatura è grandiosa.
Le Portique en Pierre (Shipaifang)   Un monument majestueux de sculpture fine

Dingling. The tomb of the thirteenth Ming emperor, Zhu Yijun, and his two empresses.
定陵 ここには明時代の十三番目の皇帝朱栩鈞と二人の皇后が寝ている。
Ting Ling ci seppelliscono il tredicesimo imperatore di Ming—Zhu Yijun e le due regine.
Le Dingling   Mausolé du 13e empereur et ses 2 impératrices des Ming

The passageway of the underground palace.
Passo lastricato del palazzo sottoterra
La galerie du Palais soutairrain 

The everlasting lamp in the underground palace. The lamp was lit when the tomb was sealed and its flame died out for want of oxygen.               
地下宮殿の中殿の長明灯 地下宮殿を封入した時、灯りは燃えていたが、酸素がないため、既にきえた。
La lampada incessante nel palazzo
Quando si chiusse il palazzo, la lampada stava accenda, si spegnò per la mancanza di ossigeno.
La lampe éternelle dans le Palais souterrain   Allumée à la fermeture du caveau, éteinte pour l’épuisement d’oxygène
Coffins in Dingling. The coffin in the middle is the emperor’s, and the ones on two sides are the empresses’.
定陵の棺 真中は皇帝朱栩鈞の棺であり、両側は二人の皇后の棺である。
La bara nel Ting Ling.  Nel centro è la bara dell’imperatore, al fianco sono le bare delle regine.
Le cercueil de l’empereur Zhu Yijun au milieu et ceux des impératrices aux 2 côtés

Maoling in the snow.
Mao Ling in neve
Le Tombeau Maoling sous la neige

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