China Historic and Cultural Heritage: Elegant Stone Carving Arts Ming Tombs

The Ming Tombs
The Sacred Way. Along both sides of the Sacred Way is an impressive array of 18 stone animals followed by twelve stone human figures with various postures, all being elegant stone carving arts.


神道 神道の両側に人と猛獣の石像が18対あり、さまざまな姿をしていて、あり得ない石彫刻の珍品である。

Le Tombe dei Ming
  Via sacra. Ci sono 18 paia di animali e uomini ai due lati della Via Sacra. Tutti sono opere preziose di sculture marmoree.

Les 13 Tombeaux Ming   La Voie sacrée   Des deux côté de la voie sacrée, se dressent 18 paires de statues en pierre, d’êtres humains et d’animaux, qui sont des sculptures rares de Pierre

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