China Scenic Spots of Kunlun Mountain and Qinghai Province

1、   Qinghai in July

2、  A Harvest of Pilose Deer Horn

3、  The Holy Origin of Yellow Lamaism

4、  A Travel to the Huang Nan Budhism

5、  Grand Golden Tile Hall, Small Golden Tile Hall

6、  Bronze Statue of the 10th Generation Panchen Lama

7、  Su You Hua Guan—A Calligraphy by Chairman Jiang Zemin

8、  Bata Pagoda

9、  Master Xiawu Cailang Coaching His Son Painting

10、              Embroidery Artist

11、              Embroidery in the Temple

12、              Wood Carving

13、              Brick Carving

14、              Aka is making the City of Jars

15、              Sand-heaped City of Jars

16、              Wood-made 3-D City of Jars

17、              Gate to the Temple

18、              Daming Stele

19、              The Fortune of Tibetan

20、              Thread a Needle

21、              Wutu (tiger) Dancing

22、              Accompanying Bride to Bridegroom’s Family

23、              To the Bridegroom’s Home

24、              Bow to Heaven and Earth

25、              Hair-styling

26、              Wedding Ceremony

27、              Going to a Flower Fair

28、              Camel Spring

29、              Dancing

30、              Embroidery by the lady of Sala Nationality

31、              Night View of Ximen

32、              Bird’s Eye View of Xining

33、              Investment Environment

34、              Production Workshop of Cordyceps Sinensis at Yushu Prefecture

35、              Pearl Salt

36、              Kunlun Jade

37、              Coloured Pottery

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