Culture is DNA of mankind or a nation

Culture is the DNA of mankind or a nation. Culture is the second DNA of every person. The key to the changing of human behavior lies in the changing of the ideology;The key to the changing of ideology lies in the changing of the culture. When the person is upright, the world is upright. When the mind is upright,the person is upright automatically. To have an upright mind, we must have an upright culture.

Only the appearance of the new mankind can lead to the appearance of the new world. Only the appearance of the new culture can lead to the appearance of the new mankind. So long as you are a human,you share the same humanity,the same demand and same interest with other humans. We are in dire need of construction of a new culture rooted in the common humanity and common interest. The new culture that is able to generate the new mankind and create the new world is not the culture of any nation or country, but is a culture that has integrated the pith of the cultures of all nations in the world, and is able to represent the common core values and common best interest of the whole mankind.

Mankind needs such an advanced culture: it has integrated the pith of scientific culture and religious culture, integrated the pith of modern culture and ancient culture, and integrated the pith of occidental culture and oriental culture. The new culture composed of the “human-centered culture”, “life culture”, “ecological culture”, “peace and cooperation culture”, “mutual benefit culture” and “Great success (great accomplishment) culture, is just such a culture.

When “the killing and conquering culture”, “militarism” and “Darwinism” become the mainstream culture,it will produce a war-loving old mankind and a war-stricken old world;On the contrary, only the “new culture of mankind” composed of the “human-centered culture”, “life culture”, “ecological culture”, “peace and cooperation culture”, “mutual benefit culture” and “Great success culture (culture of great accomplishment)” can produce a peace-loving and human-loving new mankind, and can generate a new world characterized by harmony, unity and global integration.

Human-centered culture: In the three levels of individual-centered culture, the-people-centered culture and mankind-centered culture, mankind-centered culture represents the highest level. In this culture, everything is judged according to mankind’s interest and mankind’s happiness as the supreme yardsticks. Everyone has the conviction that “Everyone’s real nationality should be mankind”,has the conviction that “The greatest happiness of mankind is the foundation of ethic and law-making” (Jeremy Benthan), takes a wide look at the whole mankind, cares about the whole mankind, and has the cultural sentiment of “tianxia zhuyi (ideal for the whole world)” of Chinese Culture and the saint-like passion of “caring about the whole world”. It does not mean giving up one’s own nation,but only means that one can, first of all, have the whole mankind in mind in dealing with international relations and all problems. Once we have had such a human-centered culture,we will be able to eradicate the source of war and terrorism, namely ultranationalism, will take mankind’s interest as the starting point and ending point in doing everything, and will find the best and greatest way out for mankind.

Life culture: It develops and expands the value of life,helps the whole mankind set up the idea of respecting life, treasuring life and esteeming life,letting everyone have the idea “One life is more valuable than a solar system”, and makes everyone  believe only treasuring life is the most humane choice. Only such a life culture can make it possible to eliminate the old mankind’s contempt and overlook of life, and arouse mankind’s boundless love for life. With a life culture that treasures life without comparison, we will be able to open up a broad way for the priority development and rapid development of life science, life technology and life economy, and promote world peace profoundly and extensively, so as to build up a warless new world.

Ecological culture: It seeks “Unity of Heaven and Mankind”,esteems nature,and values the harmonious coexistence and harmonious development between mankind and nature. Protection of the ecological environment is never an issue of any nation or any region, but the common issue of the whole mankind. With such an ecological culture,everyone will value the ecological environment,love our common  homestead —- the earth,regard the protection of the whole earth as our duty, and it will help to cultivate the mind of “We are in the same boat so must help each other”, which may not only prevent the destruction of the environment by war, but also promote the alliance of mankind.

Peace and cooperation culture: It helps to bring about reconciliation,peace, harmony and unison between individuals, between nations, and between mankind and nature. Pacification with nature and within the same species is a call of the time, and an urgent need of the time. The peace and cooperation culture helps all people to unite and cooperate, even between conflicting and contradictory parties. The peace and cooperation culture will greatly promote internationalization, globalized great alliance and great merging, which is just what the New World needs most.

Mutual benefit culture: It stresses the wisdom of “mutual benefit”, seeks mankind’s common interest,keeps a foothold in the common interest,seeks win-win relationships, and pursues the prospect of “Everyone is happy”. The mutual benefit culture stresses the combination between self-interest and others’ interest so as to bring benefit to all people. The mutual benefit culture stresses that the common interest is higher than everything, helps to change conflicts of interest into unity and harmony of interest, so as to help the world tend to unity and unison.

Great success culture: It implies the spirit to strive to excel by intensive effort, and implies the spirit to try to make continuous progress and achieve sustainable development. The sense of great success means the sense of becoming top-grade and outstanding, and the sense of seeking satisfaction and perfection. Seeking the top great success means seeking great achievement together, and helping the whole mankind to make great achievements. The common great achievement of mankind is mankind’s becoming immortals together:Human life span jumping to infinite life from the transient ordinary life;Human development going towards full-range genius-leveled development from the ordinary overall development. That is the full manifestation of the pursuit of excellence and perfection characterized by the Great success culture. With such a Great success culture,mankind will cultivate a broad mind, not be bewildered by narrow and shallow interests, but will pull together and struggle together, so as to reach the consummate prospect of mankind together!

In short,to use the new world to replace the old world and use the new mankind to replace the old mankind, we must use the new culture to replace the old culture. All the above-mentioned six cultures belong to the new culture promoting the unity of the world and global integration, and all of them will help to create a new world, that is, a uniform, harmonious,peaceful and cooperative world. Only by the extensive spreading of the six cultures can we produce a new mankind and walk up to the New World.

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