Development Tendency of Mankind

Wang Xiaoping opens his eyes tiredly and found a beautiful lady with brown hair smiling at and saying to him, “Welcome to the year of 2050! You are given 5 minutes to stay, what are your wishes? What would you like to know about year of 2050? ”
Wang Xiaoping is too surprised to close his mouth. Fortunately, he is a faithful reader to Wesley’s novels and says: “Is what you said real?”
The beautiful lady declines to answer but smiles. “You have limited time; you’d better visit the supermarket nearby. Today is the date of free delivering the products of ‘Fine’, all products here should be pasted the signs of ‘to bear better children by science & technologies’, ‘to educate by science & technologies’, and ‘to improve health by science & technologies’. Oh, maybe you don’t know what the ‘Fine’ is. Look, now Mr. Sam is delivering the ‘I am soft and kind’ Hamburger, ‘Da Vinci’ biscuit” which could make people have the capability to draw like Da Vinci, Type A fruit juice which could make people have ‘Almond-shaped eyes’,and the Type C almond juice which could make people have ‘crescent-shaped eyes’…

Please read more in the book The Second Declaration by Wang Xiaoping

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