Dresses and Adornments of China Tu Nationality

The dresses and adornments of the Tu people are not same in different places. The men mainly wear short clothes accompanied with long ones. All shirts, waist belts, shoes and socks of the young people are decorated with embroideries. The young women wear both long and short clothes in summer. The white shirt is always decorated with a square embroidered cloth and the two sleeves are covered with ornamental sleeves made of red, yellow, green, violet and blue bands. The wristband is more than 2cun wide and lined with black cloth and embroidering lines. Their collars are turned up and trimmed with laces and otter skin.

China Tu Nationality always wear waistcoats, generally in black, blue or violet, outside of shirts, colorful or embroidered belts in their waists and low shoes with embroideries on the cover. They generally wear turned-up felt caps or hats. Some people like plugging flowers on their hats.

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