Dujiang Dam – ancient hydraulic project of China

Dujiang Dam is an ancient hydraulic project of China and it is a world miracle nowadays.


It is the origin of the fertile land of Sichuan. The Dujiang Dam consists of the water diversion cofferdam in Yuzui, the water introduction project in Baopingkou and the overflowing project in Feisha cofferdam. The front part of the diversion cofferdam means the mouth of a fish; and it is used to divide the water currents;


Baopingkou is used to control the water that flows in and it is one of the 10 most famous sceneries in Guanyang; Feisha Cofferdam is used to drain the currents at the flooding season. Dujiang Dam surrounds mountains and elegant waters; the currents flows quietly from it and the scenery is boundlessly beautiful.


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