Elite Serum Eye Cream Has Better Quality Control for Anti-Aging

Anti Aging Eye Cream Review: Elite Serum Eye Cream Has Better Quality Control, with constant dedication to improvement. Anti aging cream, I really needed Elite Serum Eye Cream. I’ll recommend this article to my Aunt who’s looking for eye serum cream.

Elite Serum Eye Cream and Girls Beauty

Elite Serum Eye Cream and Girls Beauty

Elite Serum Eye Cream: With continued dedication to improvement and quality control, it will certainly be exciting to watch how this company grows. The anti aging eye cream sector is constantly changing. This means companies like Skin Pro, makers of Elite Serum, constantly re-invent themselves in order to stay competitive.

Thanks for The anti aging eye cream Infomation Online PR News – 05-March-2010 – Every day there are new, cutting edge products being brought to market in the anti aging skin care sector. With multinational companies continuing to strive for the latest technology and formulas that can help people improve skin quality and look younger, there are advancements being made on a daily basis. One company that has constantly fought to keep up with the innovation is Skin Pro, International, makers of the EliteSkin brand of anti aging products.

In a recent discussion with Doug Holliday, General Manager of Skin Pro, we were lucky enough to find out what they have been doing to stay on top of the industry. The most popular product the company makes is the Elite Serum, a daily use under eye serum that helps get rid of puffiness and dark circles that form under the eyes. It even helps conceal wrinkles that form around the eyes, using a heavy concentration of Argireline, an ingredient made by Lipotec.

“We have improved the Elite Serum by leaps and bounds since our first production run. Everything from the actual formula itself, to the composition of the labels has been altered and improved,” explained Doug. He continued “In this business we learn a lot from our customer base. Their input is crucial to our success, and we feel it’s best to listen to their suggestions.”

Some of the notable improvements that EliteSkin has made to their product line include:

1. Every mail order product is now individually shrink-wrapped, ensuring there is no damage in international shipments.
2. Increased concentration of the leading cosmeceutical ingredients.
3. 6 Month money back guarantee on ALL products.

“With so many notable skin care companies in the South Florida area, we feel our duty is to live up to the reputation of creating effective products right here in what we call ‘The Skin Belt’,” added Holliday, making reference to the numerous skin care companies that call South Florida home.

The EliteSkin line of products has made a lot of strides in joining Florida’s elite brands, and as Holliday concluded the short interview he mentioned that there are a lot of “big things on the horizon,” not only for EliteSkin, but for other brands made by Skin Pro as well.

With continued dedication to improvement and quality control, it will certainly be exciting to watch how this company grows.

The full suite of EliteSkin products can be seen on the Official Website of EliteSkin.

Updated Eye Cream Review for 2010! Every birthday you celebrate is another year your body has gone through various stages of aging. You may be in tip-top physical shape and eating a healthy diet. You may have more energy and drive than you had five years ago. However, even though you may be in great spirits both physically and mentally, you need to pay attention to the wear and tear on your skin, especially underneath your eyes, which are the focal point of your face and the place on your body where the skin thins more rapidly than anywhere else on your body.

Thanks to clinically tested ingredients and a lot of time in the research & development stage, there is a huge breakthrough in the anti aging eye cream industry, and it’s called Elite Serum. The flagship product of the science-inspired cosmeceutical company Elite Skin, Elite Serum is our editors choice as the best eye cream of 2009. It’s also part of the popular Age Defying System available only at EliteSkin.com

Updates in the Elite Serum for 2010:

Upon request, we were sent the updated version of the Elite Serum, updated in the early part of 2010. Here are the improvements made to the Elite Serum for any past users of the eye cream product:

New & Improved Packaging. Slimmer pump for better application.
Optimization of active ingredients.
Lesser concentration of the anti-oxidants resulting in a more clear serum.

While we were very happy with how the prior version of Elite Serum performed for our eye cream test team, this version is even more impressive. Kudos to EliteSkin for continuing it’s committment to excellence and constantly improving an already stellar product.

No matter how much people like to lie about their age, wrinkles, eye bags and dark circles under the eyes tell the world the real story. Many people are realizing the key to looking young is directly correlated to using the best eye cream they can use as directed as part of an anti aging skin care regimen.

Click here to read Eye Cream Reviews, and read why we selected Elite Serum as our editors choice.

freeThe eyes are not only the focal point of the face, but they are often the part of the body that gets judged instantly. If you suffer from dark circles under the eyes, people assume you don’t sleep well, which leads to other assertions. Dark circles provide the notion of not being interested, being tired, and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Our product testing team, along with thousands of consumers worldwide, have reported tremendous results in fighting these symptoms with Elite Serum. After trying so many other anti aging creams, there is no other eye cream in the same league as Elite.

The skin around the eyes loses it’s elasticity before any other skin on the body. As time passes, there is virtually no protection to the eyes from external factors that can affect the surrounding skin. Actions such as squinting and rubbing the eyes are exaggerated when not treated with a proper eye cream. Furthermore, the uniqueness of the blood vessels makes the skin appear in a darker tone. As the skin ages, eye wrinkles form rather rapidly in this area.

Two tightening agents,collagen and elastin, aren’t being produced as we age and this area becomes delicate rather quickly. Studies show the benefits of using an anti aging eye cream from an early age. Preventing unhealthy skin is much better than waiting for wrinkles to form, and it’s said that an anti aging cream should be applied starting at age 20 for optimal results. Daily moisturizing creams are not formulated properly for the eye area. Moisturizers are much too heavy for this part of your face, and they lack scientifically advanced ingredients found in eye creams such as Elite Serum. Eyeliss, for example, is an ingredient that will help treat puffy eyes on contact. You can even read clinical studies backing up this claim. Moisturizing creams also lack the powerful ingredients that are contained in the best eye creams, such as Elite Serum.

The best eye creams are formulated to provide moisture and protection to the skin cells surrounding the eye area. Continued application is always recommended. However, if you cycle an eye cream one month on and one month off, you will see results and prevent wrinkles. Eye wrinkle creams are crucial to replenishing essential vitamins such as D and A. It’s never to early to start using an eye cream. This website will always serve as an educational tool for those who are researching eye creams, or for those who simply wish to follo the ever-expanding advancements in science related to anti aging creams. Enjoy the wealth of information provided about eye creams, and be sure to read the eye cream reviews so you can make the best decision when buying eye creams.

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