Exhibitions of Natural History and Culture in The Burke Museum, Seattle

The Burke Museum welcomes children and adult groups throughout the year: take a docent-led tour or do a workshop. The museum’s exhibits provide a stimulating environment for the study of Washington’s rich and fascinating cultural and geological history.

Dinosaurs, fossils, Native American masks, Asian cultural costumes, bugs and birds! Get the inside story on Washington State natural history and Northwest Native American culture. Check out state-of-the-art exhibits on subjects ranging from fossils to wildlife photography. Afterwards, relax and sip a latte in the Burke Café. Enjoy changing natural history exhibits and cultural family programs.

Get a close-up look at dinosaurs! See giant marine reptiles, Pacific Northwest spiders, volcanoes, a saber-toothed tiger, a 12 foot mastodon and more! learn about Native American’s: the history of Pacific Northwest Native American totem poles and artwork. Listen to stories from cultures around the Pacific Rim including China, Samoa, and Indonesia.

Plus, there are more than 100 plant species from both sides of the Cascades featured in the Gunther Garden surrounding the museum. These plants are important to the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to great changing exhibits, the Burke Museum contains nationally ranked research collections from four main divisions totaling more than 5 million specimens. These divisions are: Anthropology, Biology and Geology. Within the divisions are such departments as Archaeology, Ethnology, Ornithology (birds), Arachnology (spiders!), and a fantastic regional botany collection (the Herbarium).

The best place to see it all is at the Northwest’s premier museum of natural history and culture – the Burke!

What’s New in Burke
Cruisin’ the Fossil Freeway opens in two weeks Exhibit features best of Burke fossils and art by Ray Troll
December 19, 2009 – May 31, 2010

Killer pigs, giant trilobites, dinosaurs, and saber-tooth tigers! Where can you see all this?

Where art meets science in the newest Burke Museum exhibit featuring the best of the Burke Museum’s fossil collection and the fossil-inspired artwork of celebrated artist Ray Troll.

Cruisin the Fossil Freeway explores questions about evolution, extinction, and early life on Earth. Troll’s whimsical illustrations of imagined scenes from prehistoric times are placed side-by-side with real fossils of giant ammonites, killer pigs, saber-toothed cats, dinosaurs and more incredible fossils from the Burke Museum’s paleontology collection.

Using art to explain scientific concepts, the Burke Museum collaborated with Troll and Seattle-born paleontologist Kirk Johnson to present this new exhibit exploring the abundance of fossils in our midst and how fossils shed light on Earth’s past.

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