First Medicine: Bian Ya Medicine of 21st Century

The current medicine is chiefly a curing medicine,and can only be called “Second Medicine”,because only preventive medicine is the “First Medicine”. Developing from curing to prevention,from taking curing first to taking prevention first,is the megatrend of development of the present medicine in the world.

 The great Chinese medical scientist Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty pointed out long ago: “The upper-leveled doctor treats a disease that has not appeared, the middle-leveled doctor treats a disease that is going to appear, and the lower-leveled doctor treats a disease that already appeared.” He used the “the way of the upper-leveled doctor”,so he lived to the high age of 101. Judging from the present medicine, most doctors deal with “diseases that have already appeared”. But preventive medicine usually only deals with “diseases that are going to appear”, and high and new preventive medicine chiefly deals with “diseases that have not appeared”.

 The “miraculous doctor” Bian Que in ancient China is widely known to everyone. As the story goes,Bian Que cured the intractable disease of an emperor. The emperor asked him: “Are you No. 1 doctor in the medical world of present time?” Bian Que said: “No,I am only No. 2.” The emperor asked him: “Who is No. 1 then?” “My elder brother Bian Ya.” The emperor asked him: “How are Bian Ya’s medical skills higher than yours?” Bian Que said: “When my father Bian Gong was dying, he passed two secret medical books to us two brothers. One was the Way of Curing passed to me, so I can cure a disease that has already appeared. The other was Way of Prevention passed to my elder brother Bian Ya, as Bian Ya is more clever than me. Hence, he can cure a disease that has not appeared. Present people worship me so much just because I can cure diseases that have already appeared, but take no notice of Bian Ya, who is much higher than me as he can cure diseases that have not come. It is really unthinkable!”

 Prevention of diseases is more important than curing of them, but people often only pay attention to treatment of diseases that have already appeared, and neglect prevention of diseases. Many people arrange their life this way:In the first half of the life, they use their life to exchange for money,and in the second half of their life, they use money to exchange for life. Of course, it is very foolish. Chairman of US Cardiology Society said, “When the patient comes to see the doctor after getting the disease, what the doctor can do to help the patient is already very limited. Even if the disease is cured, the patient cannot recover to the state completely the same as before the disease.”

 To realize the great ideal of eternal life, we need many Bian Ques all right,but we need more Bian Yas! We need to develop “Bian Que” medicine,but we need to develop “Bian Ya” medicine all the more.

   Preventive medicine is the first medicine,and is getting great development and great leaps with the drive from life sciences and biotechnology. Every person will have a gene map belonging to his(her) own, which clearly records the person’s health condition, disease history, easily occurring diseases and other data, and from this, you may forecast:Will you gain flesh? Will you become bald,and when? Will you die of diabetes or cancer… You may not believe what the fortune-teller or prophesy teller says, but what the gene map says is true. Once you have got the disease causing gene,you can reconstruct or remove it before the disease comes.

 A “gene chip” just as big as the nail can help anyone test his health condition by himself. One minute is used for sampling, two minutes for measuring,and the result can come out in three minutes! You only need to drop a blob of blood or saliva onto the gene chip, then, you can identify the disease gene, find out the disease, and even know accurately how many cigarettes you may smoke or how much food you may eat every day. The gene chip marks another profound revolution of technology,which will bring about marvelous changes to preventive medicine. Its super discriminability can identify diseases that have not appeared, discover all kinds of minute changes of the seemingly healthy human body. With such a gene chip,it will be just as if we carry a private advanced laboratory with us. We have an upper-leveled doctor Bian Ya working beside us all the time, monitoring our health condition at any moment and place, so that we may take all kinds of super preventive measures timely.

 Preventive medicine also concerns people’s food and drink, that is, nutrition. People’s life time is closely related to nutrition. Bioscience will turn people’s nutrition into nutrient substances processed with a special technology, which may help people live forever. For example,the “edible molecule food” that has already appeared now. It is not the food we eat everyday, but a food in the form most convenient for absorption by the human body. Molecule food will melt together with medicines and foodstuff, bringing an illness-free state for mankind. In the case of traditional food,we eat a lot, but utilize very little. For example, in the case of a man living to 70 and with a weight of 65kg, he will eat and digest more than 75 ton food in his life, but the nutriment he really utilizes is only about 5 ton, and all the other 70 ton is excreted out of the body as wastes. The molecule food is formulated reasonably according to the human nutrition need and the balance of chemical reaction, so as to promote or maintain the normal chemical reactions of all kinds in the human body, remove impediment in nutrient absorption, ensure the body’s maintenance of the adolescent health status, and resist aging. Scientists predict, by eating such a food,a person who has lived to 120 still looks like one at 20, and a 1200-year-old person is still at the height of his(her) youth and vigor, and still very pretty and charming.

 According to experts’ predication,by the year 2020,even if a person is very healthy,he (she) may also need to take 3 pills every day,in order to prevent all kinds of troublesome diseases. Some are for preventing all kinds of cancer,some are for preventing diabetes, some are for preventing hypertensive and so on. Taking such measures for prevention will be a healthful life style, just like sports exercise.
 Because of the look-ahead predictive way of thinking, the first medicine of the 21st century, preventive medicine, will be able to do better in prevention of diseases, so as to prolong our healthy life greatly.

 All in all,the major means of health and longevity can not get away from medicine,especially the high and new medicine of the 21st century. The great leaps in the high and new medicine have brought about continual breakthrough in all aspects such as overcoming of incurable diseases, organ transplantation, gene therapy, preventive medicine and so on, which will certainly lead to the great ideal of eternal life.

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