Fixed Interest Rate Home Loans, No More Ongoing Fees

home loan

home loan

If you choose to fix your interest rate protecting from rising interest rates, Just enjoy the security of a fixed interest rate home loan. It will not change during the fixed rate period whatever happens in the financial markets, and your repayments will remain the same.

A fixed rate home loan can be advantageous if variable interest rates rise. Homeloans offers a range of fixed interest rate home loan options.

Homeloans Premium Saver
The Premium Saver home loan offers a discounted interest rate in return for an annual fee. This home loan works best for larger loan amounts, those looking to upgrade their home and investors. Pay less interest and become debt free faster. Plus you will enjoy free redraw through internet or phone banking and the ability to make extra repayments at any time.

Homeloans Premium
The Premium is our ‘no frills’ home loan, offering a competitive interest rate and no ongoing fees. This option is best suited to those who want a simple, low cost home loan without all the extra features. It is great for first home buyers and refinancing smaller loan amounts. Enjoy free redraw through their internet or phone banking and the ability to make extra repayments at any time.

Balanced Special
The Balanced Special home loan is a fully featured loan for purchase, refinance or debt consolidation. The option of bridging finance is also available.

Smart Saver
The Smart Saver is a basic home loan that offers an attractive rate and no ongoing fees.

All in One
The All in One home loan combines a discounted interest rate loan, fully functional transaction account and nil interest VISA account. The All in One home loan allows your salary to go to work immediately to help reduce your interest while at the same time you can use your nil interest VISA for day to day purchases.

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