Future Fact or Sientific Fantasy on Mankind Future

It is Wang Xiaoping’s 532nd birthday today, and many of her friends have come from various stars to congratulate her.
Li Yichen has come from Mars, and just three minutes ago, she was consulting data in Damin History Library, she is quite satisfied with the speed of the interstellar instant transport;Ciolla has sent a 10,000-year-old coral reef to Wang Xiaoping from the undersea apartment house of Hawaii;Xiao Feng, who is living in the Himalayas, has also come out of the cave palace to see her;Fresel from Paris took a private airship and used 15 minutes to reach Wang Xiaoping’s home on Mercury. A group of friends have gathered together, so the atmosphere is very hot. The chief reason for them to become friends is they have the same interest,study of ancient relics.
“I have just browsed the history around the year 2000. Please guess: In those days,what was the hottest topic in their mass media?”
Wang Xiaoping smiled, with her arch eyebrows sticking up: “Little Xue, don’t keep us guessing, just tell us!”
The 267-year-old Li Yichen is a novelist,and all her writings are based on the ancient history. Although she can consult the historical accounts of hundreds of years ago on the computer, she still likes browsing the newspapers of hundreds of years ago in Damin Library, which are all out of print now as they have stopped using printed matter for several centuries. In the early morning,after drinking the cocoa, Li Yichen opened the screen on the wall as a rule, and clicked for the interesting “news” around the year 2000. What appeared most frequently should be such a term: “jiedi lian” (love in which the female is older than the male).
Wang Fei and Xie Tingfeng (famous singers) got into the crisis of “jiedi lian”…
Can our “jiedi lian” last long?…
Opinions vary about “jiedi lian”…
Some refuse “jiedi lian”……
Oh,it turns out that, although people around the year 2000 were much freer than those in the first few centuries AD in love affairs, yet, most of them still felt “jiedi lian” was against common sense, and they could not accept this kind of love between a younger man and an older woman.
“Wang Fei was only 12 years older than Xie Tingfeng.” Li Yichen talks to himself, “Can it be called ‘news’? People of those days were too laughable. If they knew my husband is 120 years younger than me, would they fall in a faint? But it is just as ordinary as our going undersea to take a holiday every week.” At the thought of yesterday’s story that a 17-year-old little boy showed love to her although she is 267 years old now, she cannot help smiling, which makes her gem-like face more charming. Then, she finds a piece of “news” on the eve of the year 2000: in order to celebrate the beginning of the millennium, people held a beauty contest, and a 60-year-old Sofia Roland came out first, as a “grandma-leveled belle”. She gives a laugh disapprovingly. How can a 60-year-old Sofia Roland be called a “grandma-leveled belle”? Judging from the photo, she looked so old and haggard! Such a woman should be called a “belle”? Then, what about me? Haha, I would be a belle in the cubic level of a grandma?
At Wang Xiaoping’s birthday party for the age of 321, Li Yichen can not wait to share these thoughts of hers with her good friends.
“Hey,do you believe? Most people around the year 2000 did not think high of ‘jiedi lian’, especially the age difference is above 5 years!” Li Yichen raised her voice in excitement.
“Only a 5-year difference or above?! Nothing to speak of!”
“But they did not think so. In those days,if a man is old, so long as he had power and money,his marriage with a young woman could be accepted by the society, but what about a woman? If BF was a chap younger than her, even if she was in her peak years, even if she was out of a true love, there would surely be a young and pretty girl to replace her position in future!” Li Yichen was indignant in saying so.
“Youth is gone in an instant, and beauty is lost in a moment!” Xiao Feng chimes in: “I heard this was the sentence most often uttered by women with a deep sigh in those days.”
“What a pity! So to speak, countless beautiful girls were disfeatured by the sharp knife of time! But in those days there was indeed no force to save them!” Li Yichen, Wen Min, Qiao Er and Lemon get into meditation. They sigh for the fate of the past women,and also feel so happy about the present people who can not only enjoy a long life but also keep young forever! Among them, the oldest is the 667-year-old Qiao Er, and among those admiring Qiao Er are persons ranking from 19 to 37, 57, 97, 177,277, 477, 877 in age…
“All right, Wang Xiaoping, do you have any wish to be realized today?” Fresel changes the topic.
“Nothing special. I only want to change a look and a shape today. I have already designed a look for myself for the coming year. The other day, I submitted my letter of application to the Physiognomy Bureau, and already got their approval. OK, I will have a change right now. Please wait a moment.”
When Wang Xiaoping reappears before her friends, her blond hair has already been turned into a soft and brilliant black hair like silk, flowing down just like a black waterfall; her angelical cheek, elegant legs… Wang Xiaoping’s new look shocks everyone present.
Li Yichen cannot help crying: “My God! Our 321-year-old Wang Xiaoping has surpassed their youngest and pretties star in the year 2000! Who will say ‘Beauty is gone in a moment’? We ought to tell them, the whole mankind is completely able to—-
Keep beauty forever
Keep young forever

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