Getting creative – general characteristics of good teamwork

Getting creative

Good decision making depends in part on the general characteristics of good teamwork described earlier in this unit – trust, support, open communication and an ability to use and resolve conflict. However, it also calls for some additional skills.
Above all, decision making calls for a balance of creativity and reason.
Creative decision making includes:
• generating more than one possible solution
• imagining unusual ideas and solutions
• thinking the unthinkable
• breaking through barriers and obstacles.
Reasoned decision making includes:
• clarifying the problem
• working through logical steps
• analysing solutions against criteria
• choosing the best way forward.
[Note to designer – this could be incorporated in a visual showing the left and right sides of the brain]

[John: see Keep Growing, Section 1, where I think you did a visual of left/right brain. In above, Left = Reasoned; Right = Creative.]

There are several techniques you can use to bring creativity to your team’s decision making and problem solving; brainstorming and mind-mapping are two well-known techniques.

[Visual] Team in brainstorming session looking enthusiastic and excited.]
Now do this
Compare two teams you know. How do they generate ideas?
¼br> Team 1 Team 2

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