Google Suggest and Ajax Technology in Pre-search Keywords Suggestion

This article centers on Ajax technology, the core of the function of pre-search keywords suggestion. It elaborates that, in my work, I gave a study and development on such a technology and I finnally realized the function.


On Jan. 23, 2007, Google China presented the Chinese edition of its Google Suggest. Google Suggest is a service of keywords suggestion for users when they use Google search. When users input what they want to search into the Google search box, Google will display the keywords suggestion in time under the search box. In the meanwhile, Google will display the possible number of search results of the suggested keywords. When I take part in developing the accurate search service of the China Harmony&Wisdom Website, in order to improve the searching experience of users. I adopt the Ajax technology to develop the function of the pre-search keywords suggestion, which is similar with that of Google Suggest.


The pre-search keywords suggestion refers that system provides possible options for users to save their time when they input the keywords to be searched. Only by inputting few characters can users get what they want to get from the search box. Here, it use Ajax technology to efficiently add data, so as to realize the seamless interaction with servers. It needn’t interrupt the interaction between users and web pages.


In Design and Realization of the pre-search keywords suggestion in the article, I introduce the development of Ajax-based structure, and elaborate how to realize the client-side codes, and finally I introduce database design and program development of the client-side.


Due to the China Harmony&Wisdom Website is restricted by funds and hard wares, it has no ideal load equalizing equipment and multi servers to answer requests from users. Therefore, I have to decrease the influence of the funciton on servers when the website provides the function of pre-search keywords suggestion. In improving answers from the server, the strategy is simple: save data at the client side, and visit the server only when new data is needed. Usually when users input more characters, the result from the pre-search keywords suggestion is the subset of the former results. So the solution is to keep the results of initial requests, and get rid of the data unmatched in accordance with what users input rather than acquire data by visiting the server everytime. In the meanwhile, it refresh users interface for every inputting. The solution efficiently increases the answering capacity, and saves the bandwidth, and it improves the function applied.


And last, I reconstruct the function into a TextSuggest module easy to set up, configure and use.

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