Great minds for human civilization on longivity

Thoms Edison, Albert Einstein, Curie, Helen Keller, Roosevelt, Lu Xun, Chen Jingrun… If they could return or have been living till now, how much more material wealth and mental wealth they would have brought to the society, and what a great role they would play for human civilization! Saint-Simon wrote: “If France suddenly lost 50 excellent physicists, 50 excellent chemists, 50 excellent writers, 50 excellent engineers…  France would become a corpse at once. For these people are doing jobs most helpful to the whole nation, boosting the civilization progress of France;If we trained such a group of people again,we would need at least the time of a whole generation.” If all these most excellent people can have a healthy long life or even an eternal life,it will undoubtedly be a great blessing to the progress of the whole mankind.

Let’s put aside the fact that the time in which these great people make contributions to the society is only a few decades,and what a great pity it is;Even every ordinary person has huge potentialities, and such huge potentialities are often restricted by the shortness of the life, so they cannot be discovered and exploited fully. The old woman painter Moses was lucky enough to find her drawing talent at 80, but many people did not discover the many kinds of outstanding potentials they had even until death, to say nothing about making good use of such outstanding potentials. Floom said: “Everyone has all the potentialities of mankind, nevertheless, the shortness of life does not allow people to realize their potentialities, even in the most favorable environment.” If a person’s life can reach 300 years, 1000 years or even longer, then, the degree of exploitation of all the potentialities of everybody will be one thousand or ten thousand times more than the present, and their contributions to the society will be one thousand or ten thousand times more, too. What a great significance it will be to the speedup of social development and mankind’s progress!

Hence,whether judging from the individual or from the society,we need to reconsider the value of a long life. We have a special need to review the idea that “Longevity is the most valuable” uttered by our ancient sages in Taiping Jing:

“Will you tell me what is the most valuable in all things between heaven and earth? Of myriad things in the universe, longevity is the most valuable.”

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