Great Touristic City, St. Petersburg’s Sightseeings Guide

A well researched description of the hot spots of Saint Petersburg. Everything from the Historical Monuments of St. Petersburg to the night life and the most popular spots to Visit, it covers some Historical events, their most valued buildings, bridges, sightings and on top of that the night life experience as well as who this is ideal for.

In Saint Petersburg lies the second largest city of Russia after Moscow with over 4.8 million inhabitants and being a major European cultural center located by the Nava River which is considered a very western city. Saint Petersburg if filled with cultural aspects and beautiful sightings no other city could offer.

Starting at the very center of the city at Dvortsovaya Square the beautiful Winter Palace makes it one of the most popular and visited buildings of Saint Petersburg. The Winter Palace, built in 1764 holding nothing but 3 floors and a large 23.5 meter in height is with no exception a very high demanding museum of the city. This is far an extraordinary architectural tourist attraction all year round.

At the other side of the city a widely known House of Books is found, a building which was designed for the Russian branch of Singer sewing machines, it now serves as the largest book store of the city, making it a historical building with nothing but an elegant tower on top with 2 beautiful statues holding an original glass globe giving the building a “taller” effect. With no doubts this is one thing you cannot miss of Saint Petersburg.

Among the other extraordinary buildings we have the famous Peter and Paul Fortress. This fortress was built after Peter the Great re-claimed the land located at the Neva River in 1703. This building was dedicated to protect the city from possible Swedish attacks.

In the middle of the building the impressive Peter and Paul Cathedral stands, being that the burial place for all the Russian Emperors and Empresses till Alexander III.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral is famous because it was the first church to be built in stone and also because of its unusual style for that era.

The Cathedral has a beautiful golden angel holding a cross, with only 404 feet tall, this cathedral is one of the tallest building of the city and one of the most prominent symbols of Saint Petersburg.

Right between the City Hall building and St Isaac’s Cathedral you can see the Worlds widest bridge also known as the Blue Bridge, this bridge has 319.2 feet and was built in 1818 with cast iron. It is called the blue bridge because of the color-coding tradition of downtown bridged.

Despite of being the widest bridge on the planet it has a beautiful sighting to the city and it takes anyone’s breath away.

A side from all the Historical buildings of Saint Petersburg The Pier is the focal point of many tourist having over 1.2 million visitors a year it is open 365 days year, it is also packed with retail shops, restaurants, luxurious community spaces and even an aquarium. The Pier also holds a variety of year round events and a astonishing view to the Pelican Bay.

Saint Petersburg not only has history written all over, but it also has a great variety of great tasting specialty restaurants, even for those with a sweet tooth. One of the greatest spots to eat would be the Tropicana Field which includes the Batter´s Eye that lets you eat in while you watch a game, that makes just perfect for a party of 10 or more. The Checkers Bullpen Cafe offers a pick nick style seating, ideal for those tourist with family, it makes a great enjoyment for anyone.

This unique city not only has great views but it also has a passionate night life, whether you are in for the historical side or just to have mere fun, this City’s Downtown turns into a gigantic night club, every first Friday of every month the Central Avenue closes to open its doors to another world, a world that completely changes. It packs up with fun, music, shows and great food. Ideal for those who are looking for adventure, this is definitely the place to be in order to experience something out of the ordinary. If you are looking for something more soothing The State Theater is the place to be, it has everything from rock bands to comedians for your entertainment.

This original city also offers a variety of parks and gardens, for instance, the Alexander Garden which is located right behind the Admiralty, this is the home to the extraordinary musically illuminated fountain. People call it this because it appears to react to music, having the water spill in and out when something musical is sensed, a great thing to look at.

Saint Petersburg is believed to be a photographers paradise, as it packs many beautiful sightings and is devoted to art and history. This exceptional city does not only offer that but much more than just a pretty to look at portrait, it is ideal for those who are small to those who are seeking new and challenging experiences.

Whether you are a savvy traveler of just someone who wants to take the family along, Saint Petersburg Russia will offer you and accommodate to all your needs. Definitely a trip that you will never forget and will remember with great value.

People are friendly in all aspects and make you feel just as if you were home. A welcoming city that will offer you exotic new experiences and a breathtaking sighting on to monumental buildings, museums, parks, bridged among just a whole lot to look at. With no doubt Saint Petersburg is the ideal spot for any savvy traveler out there.

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