How Does the US Government Define Terrorism?

How Does the US Government Define Terrorism? Do you believe the United States war on terrorism has been just? Now that we all have had time to reflect, was the United States war on terrorism valid?

US Government defines terrorism

US Government defines terrorism

How Does the Official US Government Define Terrorism?

Any terrorist, if supported by US, is defined as hero and freedom fighter. Any suicide attack, if on US soil, is a terrorist act. But if the same people does the same thing in the capital of China, there are few chances that it is defined as terrorist attack. So are there any standards how US defines terrorism?

This is not an act against Chinese government, it’s an attack against innocent people! Not just the government, if you talk to Chinese, you would see that most Chinese are angered by the US’ attitude. China hates all kinds of terrorist acts around the world, and it condemned terrorist attacks in NYC and Boston, why can’t America treat it in the same way?

US closely monitoring the situation in China

The United States has said, it is closely monitoring situation in China in the aftermath of the alleged car suicide attack in Tiananmen Square in the national capital Beijing, which China says is an act of terrorism.

What happened in China was from a noble cause for freedom… using terrorist practices. The difference is there and important.

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