How to Practise Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao Form

wing chun siu lim tao

wing chun siu lim tao

Wing Chun was created by Yan Yongchun. It is a combination of the many different forms of self-defense and martial arts training. The first and most basic form is Siu Lim Tao. How to master this style?

Step 1 Dissect the movements in Siu Lim Tao to understand all the movements of Wing Chun. This move is the most basic and primary one in the martial art. Without proper training in Siu Lim Tao, you can go no further in Wing Chun; with it, you can master everything else.

Step 2 Be well rested and calm when trying Siu Lim Tao. Wait until a meal has been digested, too. Make sure to wear loose clothing and practice in a well-ventilated room for good oxygen flow.

Step 3 learn how to breathe correctly before attempting the Siu Lim Tao position. Breathe in slowly through your nose, bringing the air deep into your diaphragm. Blow it out slowly through your mouth.
Step 4 Assume the ready stance by standing with your feet together and bring your hands up waist high.

Step 5 Clench your fists, with your fingers curled toward your body. Bend your knees and pull your fists back to your sides, maintaining the clenched fist. Hold the position, called the jockey position.

Step 6 Practice in front of a full-length mirror to make sure you get the perfect stance. Watch yourself with your eyes half closed. Try to practice often so you will improve.

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