How to self defense for seniors

Old people are physically weaker; this attracts the strangers to attack them. Self defense technique can use older people in different ways. Most of them have stick; they can use this stick as a strongest weapon. They should always be aware about the potential dangers. Try to avoid walking in the park alone, instead try to create a group for jogging. If you face an attack keep targeting attacker’s vulnerable places like nose, eyes, elbows etc. The sudden reaction from your side may revert back his attention. The online self defense lessons will help you to learn these methods easily.

The old man is doing self defense.

The old man is doing self defense.

Carrying safety alarms and mobile phones may aid the old people to contact with their relatives and police. Pepper spray, perfumes, knifes pins etc can use effectively. Avoid opening door towards strangers is one of the best way to avoid crime. Always keep a whistle and a flashlight on your key chain.

Do not try to blow for taking any thing in front of any strangers. Older people can use anything in their bag like-pen, vegetables, umbrella etc   as a self defense tool in emergency situations. Learning martial art for the senior citizens is a wise option for many of them. Many municipalities are conducting training sessions on self defense to the senior citizens. Since seniors are vigilant against the attacks; the crime rate against senior citizens for the past few years shows a decreasing tendency.

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