How Tai Chi Chuan Influences Blood and Digestive System

Tai Chi Chuan Training Techniques

tai chi Chuan Training Techniques

taiji influence on Blood

Haemorheology check centering blood viscosity draws more and more attention. Many materials show that stroke, especially ischemic stroke and many diseases including cancer are related with blood viscosity. Hence people deem it as an important index for forecasting stroke, whereas non-medicinal remedy for lowering blood viscosity draws more and more attention. Research results show that the practice of Tai Chi is able to effectively lower red cell accumulation, blood viscosity and fibrinogen content, this explains that Tai Chipractice may promote relative stability of human internal circumstances, have the curative function of promoting blood circulation, significantly improve blood Ph value balance, hence it is an non-medicinal ideal remedy for preventing stroke.

Tai Chi influence on Digestive System

The modern society is characterized by accelerated information communication and fast life rhythm, in this circumstances people are always in the status of strained mood and body, many people face typical mental problems such as, dysphoria and anxiety, etc, long term ill and strained mood is important reason for many dysical and mental diseases. Through practicing objective release and mental serenity of Tai Chi, many negative moods and information can be canceled from thought, after dispelling mental disease producing reasons, some diseases like nerve colitis and some of digestive system diseases caused by disorder of nervous system can be released.

Tai Chi in the practice, lays stress on performance of breath, whereas the improvement of breath depends on movement scope of diaphragmatic muscle and shrinking power of breath muscle, strengthening of the two latter do massage action on stomach and intestines, at the same time adjust the functions of sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. So the practice of Tai Chimay cure kinds of chronic stomach and intestine diseases.

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