How to Restore Domain Names in Domain Pending Delete Status

How to Restore Domain Names in Domain Pending Delete Status? Can I renew domain names in pending removal from the registry’s database? Could I take back the domain name restorable I deleted last month?

I noticed that you didn’t not really remove it from the database. The domain is still there. So I want to know whether I have the chance to regain it, with normal price.

Note: Here I got from a friend the Godaddy Domain Renewal Coupon: promo749. I want to use it for the domain name renewal.

The registrar’s reply to my request:

Unfortunately, at this time the domain is pending removal from the registry’s database. During this period the registered owner may renew the domain by paying a redemption fee.

If you wish to recover the domain from the redemption period, please reply with the following information:

• A specific request to redeem the domain (include the actual domain name).

• The last four digits of the payment method already on file that you would like billed, as indicated within your account under ‘Credit Card & Payment Info’.

• An acknowledgment that your card will be charged $80.00 (USD) per domain. This will also renew the domain name for one year.

• Your confirmation that you have read and agree to our ‘Universal Terms of Service.’

• Please be sure to reply as soon as possible to ensure your domain can be redeemed.

How to Restore Domain Names in Domain Pending Delete Status? Please note that after receiving your confirmation to redeem the domain, it can take up to 3 business days for the redemption request to be completed.

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