Human-centered Productive Force: Deity-Oriented Development and Countless Geniuses

Human-centered Productive Force: Deity-Oriented Development and Production of Countless Geniuses

The product of human-centered production is human itself. All that are attached to the human body, such as human life, health, youth, knowledge, skill, intelligence, moral and so on, may bring about more special productive forces. In future economic activities, the human-centered productive force will become the most fundamental and most important productive force.

Unlike Malthus’ stress on population quantity and Schurz’ stress on human capital, what the future economy stresses is the human-centered production. Human-centered production is neither the control over human natural multiplication emphasized by Malthus, nor the investment in traditional human education stressed by Schurz, but means the overall optimization of the human through high technology, such as optimization of birth, optimization of body and optimization of education.

By the magical power of birth optimization, body optimization and education optimization through science and technology, we may turn out geniuses almost omniscient and omnipotent, with supreme virtues and supreme beauty. That is just the divine human-centered production of the 21st century.

A small change results from the way for small changes; a great change results from the way for great changes; an abrupt change results from the way for abrupt changes.

In the case of China, the disadvantage lies in human,but the advantage also lies in human! One Qian Xuesen’s value used to be regarded as three or five divisions of the army by an American senior officer who was reluctant to let him return to China. But according to an American columnist’s opinion, his value is far more than five divisions. He wrote such a paragraph: “How can you compare Qian Xuesen’s value in science to merely three or five divisions?

The fly bomb he developed for the Communist Party of China not only balanced the gap between China and America in strategic weapons, but also added a great counterweight against the threat from USSR, and meanwhile, between the two military super powers of America and USSR, China has used the fly bomb plus its 1 billion population to create a situation of tripartite confrontation. So, we can almost say this one person equals one country in strength!”

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