Identify some priority areas for developing your team

Unit Into Action

This Into Action asks you to identify some priority areas for developing your team, discuss them with your team and decide on an agreed action plan. It should contribute to an overall goal of moving towards a fully performing team.
You need to draw on the Into Action activities you’ve already completed at the end of each section.
1 Review your work on this unit and identify three priority areas for development of your team.
2 Plan a brief presentation of these areas to your team. Include your reasons for tackling these areas and the benefits for the team of working on them. If your team does not meet up face to face, your presentation might need to be, for example, by e-mail.
You may want to talk to your line manager about your priority areas and the reasons you identified these before you present them to your team.
3 Discuss:
the importance of the three areas (if the team thinks there are more pressing needs, reconcile your differences to arrive at an agreed list of areas)
how they should be addressed
how the whole team can be involved.
Your discussion may be a face-to-face meeting, videoconference or other method.

If it’s appropriate to your team, one option is to try out the six hats method of discussion and evaluate how useful it is.
¼br> How the six hats method helped our discussion Difficulties we had with the six hats method What we learned for the future 

Use the table below to summarise what you agreed and the action you will take.
¼br> Agreed areas to develop our team Agreed actions Person responsible Review

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