Impressive Romantic Love Letter from a Foreigner to China, Why Chinese Have Love-Hate Relationship With Foreigners

A Love Letter to China

Impressive Romantic Love Letter from a Foreigner to China

Impressive Romantic Love Letter from a Foreigner to China

Dear China,

We’ve been together for over two years now, and I love you more than ever. We have had so many good times together, the memories are priceless. Though I love you dearly — and please try to understand that I have no intention of leaving you — there are a few things that I still do not understand about you. Please, help me to understand so that I may love you even more.

Firstly, you are a great and innovative inventor, inventing perhaps the most useful invention of all – toilet paper. Why, then, do you not see fit to offer such a brilliant invention to your people? Surely such a fantastic creation should not be reserved for the wealthy. Let everyone see and utilize it, in homes, bars and public toilets alike!

Now that I mention the toilet, I am forced to remember the many occasions on which you have failed to provide me with a private area in which to go. I know you are so open, China, in so many ways, but there are times when I need my privacy. How my love for you would soar were you to provide me this small, kind favour.

There is also the issue of personal space. So friendly and confident you are, that you easily wander so closely to me – too closely, in fact. When I feel your breath on my neck or the brush of your hand against my leg, I fear you have come too close. An extra few inches surely isn’t much to ask, is it? Allow me to stand on the street in peace, in my own space. Perhaps space is scarce lately, but whenever possible, I urge you to allow me the space I need.

it seems like every single moment in china is filled with life and action and colour.

while many of china’s natural resources have been polluted, it may come as a surprise to some to know there are still thousands of beautiful and untouched landscapes in this country. this is the startlingly fresh blue moon valley in yunnan province.

Next, I must mention your inappropriately timed stopping. Am I a fool to think that the bottom of the stairs or escalators is a bad place to stop? Why must you hold everyone up when you could simply edge a few feet forwards and be out of the way of the busy Beijing bustle? This is something I think I shall never understand.

Finally, my dear China, though it is an unpleasant subject, I must bring up the unappealing sounds you often make. I know you are so conscious of your health, but would it be too much to ask you to cover your mouth when you cough? Or to spit into a tissue? Or to hold onto these bodily functions until you are out of earshot? You are a beautiful country, and yet you are too often tainted by these sometimes sickening sounds. Stay beautiful, Beijing.

There are countless other things I fear I may never comprehend, but these few simple things I believe could be changed. You are great; you are beautiful; you are my life-saver. I cannot judge you for what you are, but I can ask you to grow, to improve and to better yourself, not for me, but for you. Maybe one day you will understand why I say all this, but until then, I will continue to love you anyway.

Keep growing and keep happy.

Yours, always.

Love Letter

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