June Party of China Tibetan Nationality

June Party is a kind of large-scale folk entertainment activity mainly popular in Tongren County, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Huangnan, Qinghai as well as tens of villages in Jianzha, Degui, Xunhua and other counties. It is called “June Lerui” in Tibetan language, which means song and dance contributed to dragon in June. This activity has lasted for about one thousand years. It contains rich cultural contents about religion, history, folk tradition and etc. and reflects the diligence, plainness, intelligence and bravery of the Tibetan nationality.

In the early morning, led by the sorcerer, the masses carry a “magic sedan” to visit each family in wish that the god will ensure every person safe and healthy. In the next morning, the people go to the mountain to hold flag-plugging ceremony first, then return to the temple and dance Lerui. At the end, all men are arranged in a line from the young to the old to pray with Hadas, various fruits, candies, grains, flowers, sun-moon cake and silk in their hands. A large-scale mulberry-roasting activity is held afterwards. The main sorcerer starts “magic dance” among the shouts of the people while narrating the good and bad things of the village in this year, giving the measures for handling various bad things, strictly criticizing and fining the persons who have fomented disunity and dissension or fought with others and mediating and educating those whose families are on bad terms or who are not filial to parents. Finally, all sacrifices are used to roast mulberry and all procedures end by then.

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