Kinematic and Dynamic Characters of Tai Chi Techniques

tai chi is slow in speed, round in route of movement, moderate in tension of muscle, smooth in the center of gravity, and is in possession of significant meanings of kinematics and dynamics.

Tai Chi Training

Tai Chi Training

In practice of Tai Chi, the body center of gravity moves horizontally in the speed of about 0.2m/s in one direction, the change rate of movement speed is little. Hence when the lower limbs touch ground softly, its surging force is obviously smaller than many sports activities and violent sports characterized by jumping and running. So the stimulation the sensor of muscle joints of Tai Chipractitioners receives is far lower than the latter.

Accordingly the practitioners are able to better concentrate their consciousness to strengthen central nervous system’s immanent control on kinematic system, such as muscles. The kinematic and dynamic characters of tradigrade movement embodies low intensity and time-consuming charaters of Tai Chi, those are in favor of improving function of heart, ameliorating blood fat, decreasing blood pressure, heart rate and body weight.

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