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learn Chinese kung fu or Shaolin Kungfu online with advanced Kung Fu masters. Understand the amazing Chinese martial arts techniques or styles that ancient kung fu masters have used for centuries for self-defense and health care. Also you have the chance to know what is Chinese wushu?

Kung Fu Masters

Kung Fu Masters

Do you want to learn Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu or martial arts? This channel of our website provides you a different way to learn Chinese Kung Fu (KF) or Shaolin kungfu online. You’ll learn amazing techniques or moves that ancient Kung Fu swordsmen have applied for centuries during fighting boxing or when defending themselves and to keep their mind and body healthy.

Chinese Kung Fu plan: Once you have made the decision to take the step to participate in Chinese Wushu or martial arts, whether it be a team sport or for individual success, the first question you may ask yourself is – ‘What will I get out of it’?

As a Chinese Kung Fu practioner there are many benefits to be gained from participating in a sport like Chinese martial arts, as it is steeped in tradition, culture, values and hard work.

The benefits you aim for are both physically and mentally challenging – determined by your goals and aspirations and from what you want to achieve from the sport.

Chinese kung fu literally translates as ‘energy and time’, therefore, hard work is required to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Use the The Eight Wisdoms of Kung Fu and your own goals to help you achieve all you can from this exciting, inspiring and challenging sport.

If you would like to attend regular classes, please call us on our central telephone number 9796-1066 for class times and fees or email us through our contact-us form.

The Golden Lion masters, instructors and fellow senior students will help you achieve this by being a ‘mentor’ to you, to support you in your training and in your complete understanding of Kung Fu.

But first, it is important for you to understand the benefits of Kung Fu, how Kung Fu as a martial arts is a complete Mind, Body and Soul experience so click on that link to read the article by Dave Williams.

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Martial Arts lessons Kung Fu Flowery Fists and Embroidery Kicks Online: In this series of online martial arts lessons, we explain the Chinese martial arts phrase flowery fists and embroidery kicks plus a shopping list to enable you to choose a Sifu wisely so that you can get the most out of your lessons.

Crescent Kick Chinese Martial Arts Training. The kung fu crescent kick is not simply a kick; with practice it helps to develop flexibility and control, both vital for self defence and training routines and forms. Here’s how to do this kick.

Chinese Martial Arts Practitioners: Are you in the zone? Learn how traditional Chinese martial arts practitioners such as tai chi and kung fu can get in the zone, the state of flow, effortlessness, as suggested by Taoist philosophy to reach peak performance. (this article is shared on our tai chi website)

Do You Have An Interesting Story About How Your Kung Fu, Wu Shu or Martial Arts Knowledge Helped You In A Dangerous Situation?

Learn Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu and Martial Arts Online: Training in Shaolin materials

Now to the most interesting contribution, because nobody knows what will be waiting, if he/she decides training Shaolin Kung Fu in Shaolin. In order to say it briefly: PAIN! You will torture yourself.

The Chinese begin training at a very early age. At the age of 4 – 10 years parents give their children to one of the numerous Kung Fu schools. The children’s education lasts about 3 years in Shaolin. You must consider that the children see their parents only during official holidays (1 month every year). They have to be very independent at a very young age. The coaches “take care of” the kids every time and function as a mother replacement. But why are parents doing this to their own children?

Shaolin Kung Fu serious? Value of Shaolin Kung Fu training in China

This is question is quite simple to answer because in China there is a high unemployment ratio too. Learning Shaolin Kung Fu represents one of the highest and sounded education in China. The pupil who finishes successfully the final examinations in a Shaolin Kung Fu school, possesses the possibility to start a carreer in the south (rich) China as a policeman, in the army or is able to work as a bodygard (in every Mc Donalds there is at least one police officer) or sing and dance at the famous Beijing opera. Shaolin Kung Fu has a higher value than studying at an university.

Chinese Kung Fu is Hot: The carrot and the stick!

Daily training starts at 05:30 o’clock in the morning, normally with a penetrating all over-sounding military siren. Minutes later a chaos on the courses of the school follows. Thousands of pupils urge to the training surfaces without having washed themselves. But why should they? In the toilets hundreds of pupils fight for a bit of gutter because nobody dares to appear too late to instruction lesson. Editing by Nancy Hill

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