Life economy is the representative of future economy

Life economy is the representative of future economy, and is the leading power of future economy. Only by developing life economy can we win the future.  The 1000-year Longevity Industry and Life Economy

Life economy is the economy that prolongs people’s life, and raises the quality of people’s life.

In life economy, the 1000-year longevity industry is the leading industry. The 1000-year longevity industry is a great industry,covering the health care industry, medicine industry, hygiene industry, health preserving industry and so on.

If we had proposed the 1000-year longevity industry before the announcement of completion of mankind’s genome map in June 2000, it would have been regarded as an absurd dream, or at least would have been said to be a phantasy that could never by realized. But today,the 1000-year longevity industry enabling everyone to live to the age of 1000 has got its solid scientific foundation.

Scientists asserts:Owing to the great leap brought about by breakthroughs in mankind gene research, mankind’s future lifespan will be several times longer, and it will not be a hard thing for everyone to live to the age of 1200.

We shall usher in a biotechnology revolution,whose importance and influence power will be far above the past industrial revolution.

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