Linux dedicated server has Apache mod_rewrite functionality

Does Linux Dedicated Server have Apache mod_rewrite functionality? How to configure Apache mod_rewrite rule in Linux dedicated server? Enable mod_rewrite in your httpd.conf, and add desired codes to your .htaccess file examples.

Apache mod_rewrite Trouble tickets Information: I want to purchase a dedicated server, but I need_mod rewrite functionality. And how to use it, with Linux Dedicated Server? Thank you.

Thank you for contacting online support. All of out Shared Hosting accounts and out Virtual and Dedicated servers have the “mod_rewrite” fundtionality. Mod_rewrite is (the Apache web server module) is installed on all of our Linux servers by default; it does not have to be installed or enabled. Our Linux hosting accounts support most mod_rewrite functionality. You do not need to enable mod_rewrite in your httpd.conf, as this is handled at a global level. All you need to do is add the desired code to the body of your .htaccess file.

For more information about mod_rewrite see the Apache Module mod_rewrite documentation.

NOTE: Linux Dedicated Server has Apache mod_rewrite functionality. The .htaccess file containing the rewrite rules must be in the same directory as the target files. Godaddy Online Support Technician.

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