Making links with outsiders more effective

Making links with ‘outsiders’ more effective

1. Hold a team session where your team discusses its links with people outside the team. These could include individuals, other teams and other departments. Include links within and outside the organisation.

The following checklist summarises the main areas you have explored in this section – you may want to look over the section again to review the work you’ve done.

Making your links more effective
How could you be a better ambassador?
Do you need more allies to promote your team in the organisation? What do you want them to do?
What can you do to improve relationships with other teams? For example:

[set following sub-list to style]    

 – ensure other teams have an accurate picture of your  team
     – share goals and plans
     – communicate better and develop trust
What can you do to minimise/resolve destructive conflict between your team and other teams?
2 Use the results of your discussion to fill in the following table.
Areas of concern about our team’s relationships with people outside the team What we will do about this 

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