Man will become saint or mahatma with supermundane qualities

God pities for all mankind, having a kind heart like Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun, ideal emperors in the legend of ancient China. The supreme end is the highest virtue, that is, having the supreme moral character and best quality. After becoming “immortal”, the “man” will become a saint or mahatma with supermundane qualities.Man will become a saint or mahatma with supermundane qualities
 For the progress of social civilization and for mankind’s leap forward, everyone must have a noble moral character, and it is also for the sake of individuals’ well-being. The happiest person must be someone with a noble moral character. Those loving others are always loved by others;Those benefiting the world are always benefited from the world.

 For the most ideal person, acquiring a saintly moral character is the most essential requirement. To achieve this, on the one hand, we need the development of social civilization, and on the other hand, we also need the power of science. A person’s moral character is also affected by the gene, as the saying goes, “You can change mountains and rivers but not a person’s nature”. For example, according to some scientists, the adventurous character of the Kennedy family may be related to their gene. If we work in every aspect, from genetic gene to systematic education and social civilization, we may cultivate the highest moral quality for everyone.

  People often use “gods and Buddha’s heart” to describe great virtue and benevolence.

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